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How do we join impact investing and social entrepreneurship for greater impact? | PBA
Gorgi Krlev considers how rethinking the rationales for decision-making by entrepreneurs and investors can help enhance this match.
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A Giant Bank Sold Apple, AT&T, and Twitter Stock. Here’s What It Bought.
Toronto-Dominion Bank subsidiaries lowered overall investments in Apple, AT&T, and Twitter stock in the second quarter. The bank also materially raised its stake in ride-hailing giant Uber.
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Tech Shows Guide: How To Watch Facebook Connect, Apple Event And TechCrunch Disrupt This Week
With major tech shows moving online, a new genre of content is emerging in the streaming wars, typically with a star-studded cast as virtual conferences up their game. Includes Watch Guide for Facebook Connect, Apple Event and TechCrunch Disrupt feat The Chainsmokers, Kevin Hart and Conan O'Brien.
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Amazon, Apple, Facebook Show Dominant Results, Grip on Society delivered soaring quarterly sales and profit, leading a pack of tech giants that reported thriving business amid the coronavirus pandemic and highlighting the industry’s central place in business and society at a time of concern over its clout.
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SoftBank is reportedly close to selling ARM to NVIDIA
SoftBank is said to be close to a deal to sell ARM to NVIDIA for a whopping $40 billion, shaking up the chip industry.
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Uber Eats acquired Postmates, Amazon acquired Zoox, and Microsoft looking to acquire TikTok
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A journal, from the Old French "journal" (meaning "daily"), can refer to several things. In its original meaning, it refers to a daily record of activities, but the term has evolved to mean any record of activities, regardless of time elapsed between entries, such as a

  • Diary, a record of what happened over the course of a day or other period
  • Daybook, also known as general journal, a daily record of financial transactions
  • Logbook, a record of events important to the operation of a vehicle, facility, or otherwise
  • Transaction journal, a chronological record of data processing

In publishing, it can also refer to various periodicals or serials:

  • Academic journal, a generic term referring to academic and scholarly periodicals in general
  • Magazine, a generic catch-all term referring to non-academic or scholarly periodicals in general
  • Newspaper, a periodical covering general news and current events in politics, business, sports and art
    • Gazette, a type of newspaper, often a newspaper of record
    • Government gazette, a government newspaper which publishes public or legal notices